January 2003

"I just finished reading your Star Wars story "KnightFall". I will be honest with you. That was the best story of Episode 3 I have ever read. It went perfectly with the Trilogy and Prequels. I just wanted to tell you to keep up the good work." -- Natalie, Ontario, Canada

"I can tell you that if that is how things go down, that would be fine by me. What a compelling story to explain the foreshadowing of the the Clone wars. The clone wars gave lost of insight into how the world was prior to the empire taking over. Your piece fits this saga like a glove..... excellent work!!!!" -- Richard G.Ristaneo, Columbus, Ohio

February 2003

"I just got done reading your story "Knightfall." I really don't know what to say, I'm speechless....which doesn't happen often....It was freakin' awesome, easily one of the best stories I have ever read in my life, if Episode 3 is even half that good, it will be the best movie in the series. Everything you wrote was right on the money for the characters, everything seemed like it was definitely plausible and could be reasons as to why Anakin makes tha final descent into the Dark Side. Bravo....really good work" -- Chris Jenkins

"I am a beginner writer on TFN's website (I haven't had any fanfic accepted yet, but I'm working on it!...), and I was linked to your site through a posting someone made a long time ago on one of the Jedi Council Forums. It's taken me some time to write you, but I wanted to take the time to personally congratulate you on a wonderful piece of work. Only a true Star Wars fan, that could clearly see the entire scope of Lucas's vision, could have pulled off a story like Knightfall. The entire story plays out very well, especially the climax. In a way, I'm kind of sad at the recent rumors of Vader only being in the last 5 minutes of the film...I like your idea of Vader going after Windu and sticking around to punish Obi-Wan for his failure. I'm certainly no 'official' critic, I'm just another SW fan that likes reading and writing fan fiction, and I wanted to drop you a line to say that I appreciate your work, for it sparked my own imagination to begin writing SW fiction of my own. Keep up the wonderful work, I hope to see more of your writing in the future." -- Stuart B.

March 2003

"I am a huge Star Wars fan! My favorite Episode so far would have to be Ep. 2. I love your story so much!! I got so drawn into it! I have to get up at 6 on weekdays and one night I found it was 4:30 and I was still reading your story! It fits so well with the story line and you captured every character perfectly. More than once I found myself crying and laughing. My favorite characters are Anakin, Padme and Obi-Wan. The way you expressed their love and the sadness is so amazing!Thank you so much for writing such a great story and letting me experience it!" -- Emi, Indiana

"I read your episode III story and I must say that it was probably the best on that I have read on the net. I often read EU stories and Prequels, but yours was by far one of the best that I have ever read. If you continue to write, please e mail me with a link or an address so that I can read your latest installment. Excellent Job." -- Brandon W. Fisher, Bakersfield, CA

h3> April 2003

"Wow, what an outstanding take on a episode 3 storyline. You've managed to brilliantly bridge every gap (with the exception of 3P0'S memory wipe - which is almost a guarantee, and the ghost of Qui Gon - which Lucas has nearly confirmed.) between episodes 3 and 4. Great job!!" -- Anonymous

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