May 2002

"If I was to close my eyes and imagine the right way for the Star Wars saga flow into "A New Hope" this would be it!! Thank you for giving such a great story to the true Star wars fans out there. I read the entire story with my mouth open, paralyzed by the developing plot which answered all the question and tied up all the ends. I only hope that when episode III comes out 2005, it will have the same passion and vision of this story. Star wars Episode IV was on TV last night and it was fun to watch after reading your story. I felt like it gave all the characters such deep history that it made it more enjoyable. Knightfall has given the original trilogy new life. You should think about sending your version of episode III to George Lucas. Thanks again." -- Eddie Bonnell, Hartford, CN.

"I found your story and read it..and I am quite impressed! Very well done. I sincerely hope you send a copy of this to George Lucas! There is a few scenes in your story that I thought was especially good like the dialogue between Padme and Bail Organa in Chapter 33." -- Darron Lees, Salt Lake City, UT

"HOLY CRAP!!! Did George Lucas see this? Give this to him and don't let him change a thing !!!!! May the Force be with you..." -- Tina Coon

"I thoroughly enjoyed your story! It actually got to me...I felt sad for Anakin,Obi-Wan,Yoda and rest of the crew. And I thought it was great how you ended right where Ep IV began! Awesome story! I hope Lucas can answer as many questions as you in Episode 3." -- Mike Voss, MD

"My friend you have done a great justice to the fans of Star Wars! I finished the story and now I personally have no intrest in seeing Ep. III because you showed it to me already. Where to begin... From the beginging I knew this was going to be good and you proved me right. The sinking of Anakin to the dark side through manipulation was perfect, and the construction of Vader, immaculate in detail. In the scene where Padme is forced to separate her children I actually got a little misty on that one. I could see it all so clearly and the writing was excellent. I cannot praise you enough on the work you have placed before us. It held my attention like Empire, the perfect mix of action and emotion and I throughly enjoyed it. I actually work third shift and stayed up to finish it...I just couldn' t stop! I HAD TO KNOW !!!!! " -- Tim, Lynchburg, VA

"Just wanted to drop a line regarding your work. After casually brushing up on some Episode II info, I came across and downloaded your manuscript and just finished reading it. Job well done! 10 out of a 10!" -- James Lonano

"Just a quick note to say great stuff!!!!! I hope you do this for a living!!!! May the Force be with you!!!" -- David A. Carnack

"Years ago, I read the Timothy Zahn Thrawn trilogy, plus a handful of other Star Wars novels. I became worn out with the cyclical nature of the tales. The rebels would polish off the Empire than POOF the Empire would return from some far flung corner of the galaxy or a black hole. In the case of Return of the Jedi, they just recycled the first film with ANOTHER Death Star. You have restored my faith. I could not put Knightfall down. It was irresistibly compelling, expertly crafted and totally satisfying. I enjoyed your work enormously and I want to thank you for making it available." -- Chris Vetter, Portland, OR

"Just read Knightfall and wanted to say it was an excellent read." -- Khalid Mamood, London, UK

"Well I just had the opportunity to see Attack of the Clones this evening and while searching the web came upon your web-site. I have been reading since 9pm and just finished your version of Episode 3. I must say you are a phenomenal writer. I could see what you wrote play out in my mind. In a way I can't wait to see Episode 3, but also I am overwhelmed with sadness knowing the great epic will be coming to an end. I hope you can relate to these feelings." -- Anonymous

"Your Episode III storyline was breathtaking…GREAT WORK…I CANNOT wait until 2005" -- Tony Ferguson, OH

I've read your novel and it can pass off as the next screenplay for Star Wars III. At least for me I found some respite in your story in stead of having to wait another 3 years for it. May the Force be with you !" -- Natalie Chen

"I’ve read a lot of the Star Wars fan fiction stories, and have not found one as well written as Knightfall, everything that made Star Wars my favorite Sci-Fi film was brought back upon reading your story. I found it by chance while surfing the various fan fiction sites yesterday ( during my lunch break), and as soon as I began to read it, I couldn’t put it down ( the hour drive home was torture!), though I’m only on chapter 21, I just had to find your email address and thank you. From the time I got home (7:00pm) until about 1:30am I was glued to each word" -- Rolando Llerena, NJ

"I thought your Episode 3 interpretation was great! Hopefully, Lucas's vision will be somewhere near as grand and detailed. I especially enjoyed the way you explained why that cave on Dagobah was 'a domain of evil'." -- Adam

"Excellent,superb writing, great action,suspense its all here,you are to be commended on a fantastic only hope is that Lucas does as well as you do in tying up loose ends, great job." -- Bill Curry

"Are u sure you aren't George Lucas?" -- Costas Hatzinikolaou

"What a grand story! I just happened across it surfing the internet, and I was immediately drawn right into it and read it straight through. I love Star Wars very much, and your story was very true to what I love in it. Thanks for writing such a great story that entertained me so greatly. And thanks for putting it out on the net!" -- James R. Goetsch Jr., St. Petersburg, FL

June 2002

"My friend this was one of the most amazing stories i have ever read i enjoyed every minute of it. Thanks for a great story good luck i foresee you to have a great future in writing...and may the Force be with you!" -- Anonymous

"My friend, you have created a truly wonderful story! I was rendered completely speechless as I read it. It was like, gee, this could very well be episode III. Great,great work!" -- Kristian Rusten

"Thank you for writting such a beautiful story, I thuroughly enjoyed it... I can't wait 'till 2005... it's gonna be one hell of a ride." -- Carlos Villarreal, Tijuana, Mexico

"This has to have been one of the absolute best fanfics I have ever read, if the movies are half as good as your version they will be great movies indeed. My congratulations on a job VERY well done" Michael Kocher, Eagle River, AK

"I read your conception of Episode3: Knightfall today, and I have to say, I was impressed. You wove the disparate elements of the Star Wars mythos together beautifully. It is a shame that ole George doesn't have you doing his writing. I have a feeling that whatever he comes up with for E3 will be markedly inferior to your work." -- Northwind

"Generally, I hate fanfic. I really, really hate it. But I was intrigued to read at least the first few paragraphs of your script and I have to say, I was really impressed. In fact, I was so impressed that I read the entire thing. Then I emailed several people about it, even called a few of my friends and told them to read it. I think you did a fine job of writing it. Maybe Lucas will get a clue and use your script. ;)" -- Scott Thigpen (

"I greatly enjoyed your vision of Episode III. I hope the film is as engaging and well-characterised. Thank you for taking the time to publish it where everyone can read it for free. I wish you luck in successfuly avoiding Lucas's lawyers! ;)" -- Mike Smith, Huntington, WV

"That was a freakin' great story. Finally, I get to see some depth to otherwise bland Jedi." -- Steven G., Edinburg, TX

The story was so thorough, and I wish each of the Star Wars movies could have been as thorough as "Knightfall." I personally think that Episodes I-III could take up 6 or 9 episodes by themselves. My favorite part was when Obi-Wan brought Luke to Tatooine. I was so engrossed in the story by that point that I found myself crying a little. I can only hope that the movie version can capture that much emotion." -- Daniel Estes, Overland Park, KS

"I thoroughly enjoyed reading this. The guy has a lot of talent as a writer. The story moved me to tears at several points (especially toward the end). Very engrossing. I read all 98 pages in the last two hours." -- bfett81 (

"I find this Fan Fic better than anything Lucas could make." -- phatchenney (

"I'm really enjoying this so far. It reads just like a good Star Wars movie...and by that I mean on par with the ANH, ESB, and the shooting script for AOTC. I'm hoping Episode III will be very much like this, because, from what I've read so far, you seem to really be tying up all the various plot holes and whatnot..." -- boblikescheeze (

"After loving New Hope, Empire and Jedi, then feeling REAMED by Phantom Menace, it was wonderful to read a Star Wars story that gives the fans what they want! Bravo on a job well done and IMHO a better job than Lucas could have possibly imagined." -- Milgram

Great story, you definitely have a gift. enjoyed it immensely. i think you should send a copy to Lucas. give him some ideas." -- Dave Birch

"Excellent story, brilliantly written. Clap clap :-)." -- Andrew Calder

"I liked it - very well done. It seems to be the perfect way to tie things up and present the events of Episode III - I hope George is watching!" -- C.J. Olson

"Absolutly brilliant. I have just read the entire story in one sitting! I've never speculated very deeply about the storyline of the yet to be made Star Wars episodes, but I have been a long-time fan. I must say that after watching Episode II twice in the opening week that I can't imagine a better way to present Episode III. The end brought me to tears as well as to the friend that recommended that I read your story and forwarded along the link to me. My respect for a job well done goes to you, Sir. May the Force be with you, George Lucas, and the eternal Jedi characters. You did not fail your master Obi-wan Kenobi!!!!" -- Andrew Joseph

"Really nice job. Some very thoughtful and interesting concepts. Anyone else wonder how George is gonna tie up all the loose threads in 2 1/2 hours in ep3?" -- Jim

"I just read your Episode 3 story from Only one word comes to mind as I sit back and revel in the Star Wars experience you just gave me: Brilliant!! ... I'm afraid if I go back and read your work I might be upset at the resulting chapter Lucas will give us in three years. Yours feels so much like a "real" Star Wars closing chapter." -- Chris Stark

"Your story was excellent. Reading the review section, I see you have already recieved much praise for most of your writing, I will confine mine to the one thing that really impressed me with it inclusion. The explanation of the tree from Empire Strikes Back. Now that's detail. From one writer to another, I believe you could easily become published if you write a non-fanfic story. But it was a wonderful fanfic. Well done!" -- Outlander, Austin, TX

"Couldn't resist telling you that I LOVE Knightfall. It broke my heart! Made me CRY!!!!!!" -- Paulie

"Simply a great Story!!! I really enjoyed to read it. I can barely wait for the Star Wars Episode III, hoping that it will be as great as your version. If I am allowed to tell you, the a phrase I will never forget is "Anakin Skywalker was dead. There was only the dark side" . Great!" -- Mauricio Teran, Quito, Ecuador

"I really enjoyed your Star Wars story. Way cool :)" -- Mighty Yam

"Job well done! I loved your story!! Thank you for doing this." -- Cherise Montoya, Santa Fe, NM

"I just finished reading and that was great. very well written, just thought you might like a little positive feedback Anyways, just what i wanted to say. thanks for the great read." -- Chris Harrison, Melbourne, Australia.

"I just finished reading your story and to say the least it was magnificent! When I first started reading it I thought I would just glance it over a bit and see if there were any good ideas in it. Needless to say there were a number of them! I ended up reading the whole thing late into the night, and I am quite impressed. Loved the way you worked the ending, with Obi-Wan bringing Luke to the Lars. Much of it was just as I have imagined it happening, from Vader to the explanation of the Dark Tree on Dagobah. Well done sir, well done." -- Mike Miner, Boston, Mass.

"Great story ... I don't think Lucas could've written it better himself." -- Brent Boudreaux

" (Lucas) will be hardpressed to do better than you have with Knightfall. I loved it, and was brought to tears when reading about Anakin losing his last connection to humanity, (much like I cried when he lost his mother and attacked the Tusken Raiders), and i also loved the epilogue. You have brought a conclusion, at least temporarily, to the story, and i think that whatever lucas comes up with, and I mean , it can't honestly be all that different to Knightfall, with the exception of a few minor details... [we all know what is going to happen, it's just a matter of linking the two halves together]... and it is my belief that after the "real" Episode 3 comes out, people will come back to you and tell you which they preferred." -- Therese Olsen, Australia (by way of Norway)

"Oh my, just . . . wow. That was a brilliant piece, and I enjoyed every word and paragraph. Thanks : )" -- Jeremy McDaniel, Atlanta, GA

"Impressive. Most Impressive. I won't say it was perfect or even that that is exactly what I'd like to see in EIII; I will say that you show as much sensitivity to the Original Trilogy as Lucas does in TPM and AotC, not to mention sensitivity to those later films. I enjoyed that, and your story will likely influence some of my theory of the final installment in the Saga. I thought your characterizations were flawlessly in line with what we have seen thus far. I loved the way Anakin's seduction by the Dark Side warps his perceptions of the world." -- Stephen Lenhart (

"I stumbled across a link to your story on a star wars rpg message board this morning. one of the members posted it w/ a recommendation to check it out. although only posted yesterday (i think), there were already about a 1/2 doz replies- all enthusiastically positive. i decided to check it out, & spent the next 2 1/2 hrs glued in front of my pc, you did an excellent job of capturing the characters & the star wars universe. i have read most of the expanded universe literature out there, & your piece easily outstripped many of them. hopefully somebody will direct lucas to your piece. i very much enjoyed the way you took events that have already been revealed, & described them in a sense & manner that kept the anticipation high. you didn't try to force in big space battles or fighting armies- not really the point at this juncture of the series. fyi, i'm sending a link for your story to some of my friends who are also star wars fans- i think they'll enjoy it as much as i did. and i'll be popping onto the message board to add my endorsement to the list. i feel like i just read the manuscript to eplll...... thanks." -- Dave Hallam, Canton, OH

"I have just finished reading your story, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. A riveting read, and you tied up just about all the loose ends Lucas left! Well done, a great read." -- Jon Ball, Wellington, New Zealand

"Excellent, really excellent. Usually I do not have the patience to read fan fiction but yours was so well done I could not stop. Congratulations for the hard work; it was worth it. All the characters scenes are very moving (I especially liked the Kenobi/Lars meeting). Bravo!" -- Guillaume Nonain, Paris, France

" I just wanted to email you and tell you that I downloaded "Knightfall" as one huge file and although it took me nearly 2 hours to read I wanna say it was worth it. You are a truly talented writer. I do hope that the real Episode III will leave me with this much enjoyment as your story did." -- Jason Bullock, North Carolina

"I read this story earlier and I was totally amazed by it. In the story there are descriptions about the origin of some things that you explain that I don't even think about until you lay them out, and the way you set the stage for Episode IV is wonderful.. The time and effort you put into this is also admirable, as thirty-five chapters is no small task to complete...I myself have attempted to write fan fiction and have learned this the hard way as most of my works end up going nowhere after a matter of three weeks. Palpatine's rise to power is the way I envisioned it, and the fact that he is able to sway the people to get where he wants is even more of a tribute to the wily politician that we know he is. There are some lines that touch you and stay with you, and the dialogue of your characters totally goes along with what I would expect them to say in the films. However, despite the story being as good as it is, there are a few flaws which are minor but would resolve some issues if fixed. I would have liked to see Boba Fett come in and get involved with Mace Windu...They set that up so perfectly in AOTC. Also, what happened to Artoo and Threepio's memories getting wiped? It's inevitable, especially since Threepio doesn't mention anything about Anakin to Luke, he doesn't remember Owen Lars, his old master (remember Episode II?), and he doesn't remember anything before "Captain Antilles." Finally, I think a scene where Anakin and Ami have a last time together would have been more appropriate than the "mental touching" that you portrayed in the end. Well, for the circumstances of a story it was fine...but I don't quite think that's what a movie would have shown. A tragic final parting of sorts would have been better in my opinion. However, these are only minor inconsistencies... this is still by far one of the finest works of fan fiction I have ever had the privilege of reading (I read a lot of them) and I think Lucas would do well to take at least some elements of the story into consideration for his version of Episode III. I am shocked that TheForce.Net turned you down. If they did, in my opinion it was probably because of the small inconsistency regarding the droids...but it amazes me that you wrote a story that was better than most of the fiction on that site. The droid issue doesn't take anything away from the story at all, it is just for the purpose of "maintaining the trilogy as a whole," and if the Force.Net people are really that paranoid about it, then I don't know what to tell you. I skimmed through some of their stories too...and some of them are surprisingly short and have no plot development at all. I still would like to give your story 4.5 stars out of 5. A job well done, and may the Force be with you." -- Z Khan

"I just had the immense pleasure of reading yout story, Knightfall. I do believe that I can honestly say that Mr. Lucas would not be remiss if he were to seek your help with Episode III. Your story was touching, heartwarming and extremely well thought out. You even managed to explain away what has been one of my pet peeves with Star Wars - Obi-Wan's Robes. I've always felt it odd that the Jedi wore what appeared to be a set of robes designed to protect from the desert sands... your epilogue changed that opinion. You have truly caught the spirit of Star Wars. My hat is most definitely off to you." -- Mike Duguay, Montreal, Canada

July 2002

"I'm from Montreal and I know Star Wars from way back when I saw it on the screen when I was 7. I'm the kind of fan who loves the way Lucas tells HIS story. Jar Jar or not! Ewoks or not! My two oldest kids are fans also of the saga. I'd say they are worst than me! I love his lastest movie AOTC. Since then I wondered how he could end this on a dark note. I'm presently reading your story Episode III: Knightfall. Incredible story! Nice work. You must have spend hours I'm sure. I'm only at chapter 23 Awakening. You've written exactly what I pictured for Episode III. I can't wait to read the rest of your material. You 've taken everything in consideration. I just thought I'd drop you this message to thank you for the great story. Lucas' vision may go another direction... but the one you portrayed here is awesome. You should try to send it to him, he may not use it... and it can give him ideas. The Obi-Wan & Anakin duel.... I never imagined that possibility. I mean near a power core! You read so much stuff about fighting near molten lava that your idea caught me by surprise, specially your introduction of the Y-wing. How Yoda end up on Dagobah and his final duel. Woaw that must be an incredible show on the screen. Very well imagined. I don't know who this Melissa is in your life. But she had a great idea encouraging you to write this story. Anyway, thanks for the superbe entertainment.

Last time I wrote I was at chapter 23 Awakening. I finished it in one shot. Obi-Wan is so beleivable. He is a great negotiator. He always has the words. The message to bail through R2, his converstation with Owen, the way he tries to reason with Anakin before he falls to the dark side. The most touching part in your story... actually there are two of them. Being a father of three and still in love with my wife after six years of marriage. When Padme has to let go Luke and bids him farewell, ouf I was holding tears & the death of Padme and Anakin (aka Darth Vader) without the helmet suffering the agony of loneliness. I felt his pain. You chose the right words. I don't know if you're a great writer... but your story makes sense. But I realy enjoyed how you ended the story. Obi-Wan seeing young Luke at Anchorhead with Owen was a touching scene and helped me hang in there because there was hope for the futur. And it made me appreciate Episode IV better . I am reading again for the second time. Thank you again for the story the fits the saga of Star Wars." -- Micheal Andre Baril

"You have done well and I hope you have more stories waiting release for all to enjoy. I am going to put your story link on my music site, if you don't mind. Never lose your imagination..." -- Ron Frost

"I must say that I really enjoyed reading your rendition of Star Wars: Episode III. In fact, I read the entire script from beginning to end in one sitting! If there are any mentionable gripes that I have, I guess it would be with the way Count Dooku died. I would rather have seen him forced to fight the upcoming Sith apprentice; Anakin Skywalker. Something similar to Episode VI, where The Emperor was trying to make Luke deafeat Vader and take his side, where his father once was. Either way, great storytelling, and it really is great to read something from a person who obviously shares as much a love for Star Wars as I do. "This is such an amazing story! It kept me spellbound!! I had a free minute at work and ran across your story link on the message boards. I began reading this story and found I didn't want to do my work, so I could keep reading. LOL." -- RZ4

"Ive read a lot of Star Wars fan fiction in my day, but this one took the cake. This is hands down the best read I've had in a long long time, and I salute you on such a wonderful story. I have and will continue to pass on this URL to every Star Wars fan I meet until Episode III hits theatres in 2005. Great Job!!!!" -- Seth Coleman

"I had heard of your story but never actually read it before today and as a skeptic I feel it is my duty to tell you it was amazing. You certainly have a great talent and your imagination only adds to a marvelous story which serves to epitomize the mythology of Star Wars. Thank you for allowing me the chance to read it." -- Jack Underhill, Nuneaton Warwickshire, England

"Your story is fantastic! Loved every word. George should take notes. Very, very good work my friend. Thanks for your time." -- Barton Neu

August 2002

"Wow...if George were to make Episode III like this, he would have the best of the three. I'm sure you get this all the time, but what about Boba Fett? We all know he'll have to show up in Episode III least for all us fanboys out there. Maybe you should send this to Lucas and see if any of your stuff shows up in the movie. Even the slightest chance would be worth it!!! excellent story...if you write any sure to send link to the and i'll read the shit out of it. I must say..this is the best fan fiction of all time. especially since you wrote this before the movie even aired. I'm going to pass it to all my friends....cant' wait till episode III comes out to see how close you really are." -- Matt Coleman

September 2002

"HOLY CRAP!! If there is any way to get this thing to Lucas it has to be done!! Even if he doesn't use your story relatively verbatim, HE MUST use it as source material/ideas! Personally, I think it could go right to a screenplay and then to film. Maybe you can tell, I am TOTALLY impressed with the work you have procured! The way you pulled elements together, answered questions (most of which very believably), and even included parts of the storyline I wasn't expecting made it the perfect end to the prequel trilogy! I wasn't expecting the epilogue either - I wouldn't expect it, but I almost hope it's done as well! I haven't read any of the reviews yet, but that's my next stop! Again, my congratulations and thanks to you for such a well thought out, crafted, and written story. If you have come in contact with any connections or know of any way to get "Knightfall" involved in Lucasfilm's creation of Episode III - please try to make it happen! While seeing another story will be enjoyable as well - I only hope that Lucas will craft a story that connects, answers, flows, convinces, involves, enthralls and contains as good a dialogue as Knightfall has!" -- Rory Dardrich

October 2002

"I have read Knightfall and I am very impressed with what you wrote. It has in fact inspired me to write my own version of the events of Episode III. My version however was written after the release of Episode II and is more consistent with the ideas that GL has for Episode III. For example in my version the Clone Wars end at the beginning of the story which is what GL has hinted he wants to do. Also I did not kill off Padme or Cliege Lars." -- Patrick Palazzo, Vienna, VA.

"My goodness gracious. That's great. Your story may be the finest piece of SW writing I've seen since Lucas wrote the Trilogy, save for maybe Zahn's trilogy and a few other things. Your story of what Ep3 should be fits perfectly. I wish that would happen. It's as good as the Trilogy. If Episode III comes out and disapoints me like its predecessor did, I think I may just accept your story as the "truth". I really do mean that. After time, my point of view might change, I know, but I stayed up till bearly midnight last night, an unheard-of bedtime for me, reading your story. It was just so good. Perhaps it's too long to make into a movie, I dunno. But its a near-perfect story." -- Daniel Maddux

"I just finished your story Episode 3: Knightfall. Very, very good!" -- Vince Wondra, Fond du Lac, WI

December 2002

"I was duly impressed by your work. I don't know if it was ever submitted to George Lucas, but I would be hard pressed to imagine a better treatment of the characters of Star Wars and a possible Star Wars III. As stupid as it sounds, I laughed, I cried, and I was deeply moved by your work. Throughout my reading of the story, I found myself telling myself that you really nailed it. I find that there are some minor inconsistencies. One possibly being the chronology of Padme's death, with others I would have to find in the span of rereading your text. I've stayed about four hours past my official "go home" time to read your work. Again, bravo." -- Vincent Polite, CA

"Man, i just finished reading your story of Episode III. BRAVO!!!! Absolutetly wonderful!! Had me wanting to see what would happen next. Also had me close to tears a couple of times. Only thing I didn't see explained was Qui-Gon's yelling of "Anakin! Anakin! NOOO!!" in Ep II. Other than that, all the pieces came together. Wonderful job!" -- Eddie Baker, Wilson, NC

"Dude.... I just spent the last several hours ON A FRIDAY NIGHT reading this story. I couldn't stop! (my butt is killing me from sitting on my can iin one place for so long!). Seriously, wonderful job. It actually made me cry several times. I hope the movie is as good as your story." -- Murray Hilyard, Dallas, TX

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