July, 2001 through April, 2002

"I'm just sending this email to congratulate you on having written StarWars:Episode 3:Knightfall. As a StarWars fan I would have no complaints if your story was put onto the big screen and I can only hope that Lucas's version is half as good.I thought your character depiction's were spot on and you even made me feel for Jar Jar! Anyway,just wanted to say I thought your story was EXCELLENT!." -- Kevin Kerewaro, Auckland, New Zealand

"Great story! I read it in one sitting!" -- Ray Longoria, San Antonio, TX.

"The ending is fantastic. I have read so many crappy versions of Episode III, but yours is the superior of all of them. I don't know how you came up with so many answers to questions everyone's is wondering about. I loved Dooku's death and the separation of the twins. I also thought the reason for why Obi-Wan and Yoda disappear after they die and when Obi-Wan delivers Luke the Lars homested was fantastic. You should feel great that you have the best story of Episode III on the net. Excellent work!" -- Matt Williams, location not given

"Very good story, I was so intrigued I actually sat down and read the whole story in 1 sitting and I haven't done that in a long time." -- Robert Sharp, no location given

"I must say, I am truly impressed. The Star Wars storyline in its entirety has fascinated me ever since I saw the first movies. Your writing style is fitting with the greats of Star Warsdom. Excellent piece of work. George Lucas would do well to take hints from you on Episode III from this. Thank you for a marvelous, gripping, heart and gut-wrenching piece of work!" -- Ted Chapman, Harrodsburg, KY

"WOW. Im totally speechless. The story really caught my Imagination. i like the part of the rise of Vader. He has been my favorite character from the original trilogy. Keep it up. and write more stories. MTFBWY.Always" -- Jedi Master Jyhan Abdanon, Maui, HI

"I just finished reading your version of knightfall, it was excellent, a pity you cannot publish something like this." -- Darkman, South Africa.

"I have just finished reading your version of EPIII and I have thoroughly enjoyed it, If GL films anything close to this story (which so cleverly and astutely answers all the unanswered questions and ties up all the plot points) then he will be on to a winner. Well done.I could actually visualise McGregor saying his lines...." -- Adam Howard, Machester, United Kingdom

"Wow. Beautiful writing." -- Imperatorus (location not given)

"I couldn't put it down last night as read all 36 chapters of your gripping Episode 3 novella. I guess the reason I was so entranced by it is it reminded once again why I love Star Wars. As I have read your story I realise that no, the material is definitely there. Your story was so dark, so full of deep tragedy and a sense of loss, and of bittersweet ironies that I re-realised what a powerful tale of redemption and victory the classic trilogy is, and why so many people love it. I can only hope that George Lucas doesn't cheapen it by making it too childish and cheesy when he comes to make Ep 3. I mean the material is so powerful that there's really no excuse for not being able to invoke buckets of tears from mass audiences come 2005. And at least if the prequels suck completely (I'm sure they won't be too bad) then you should take comfort in the fact that your story has provided, for me at least, a powerful backdrop on which to base my appreciation of Episodes 4-6. Well done. As for the specifics of the story, I thought you did an excellent job tying up all the loose ends. You emphasised all the right things (the overwhelming sense of loss and despair that every major character experienced, but with of course, the final glimmer of hope). Your writing style was, overall, very good. You should definitely send it to Lucas himself. It might prove to be a very good treatment for the movie. You never know." -- Carl Smith, Auckland New Zealand

"It was a great story, extremely well written and with good narrative. Pity many people won't read until the release of Episode II, I only read because at this point I am so full of spoilers I couldn't care less. Of course the story was extremely dark, but then George alterted Episode III would be darker, I can only imagine.. it will be really heavy. I think you really captured the spirit of star wars.Wonderful fic, I hope many people read it and review it, cause it is really worth it." -- Denise Brazys, Sao Paolo, Brazil (

"I felt as if I'd strayed into GL's manuscript library. Well done. Vader at the moment of Padme's death even had me a bit misty. Take care!" -- Everett

"Really enjoyed your Episode III story! Very dark the way it should be. It has to be the best one I have read yet!" -- Eric Olsen, Plymouth Meeting, PA

"I'm writing to you because I just finished reading Knightfall, and I found it extremely entertaining. Whether or not it unfolds as you written, doesn't matter. It was intelligent, logical and surprising. Your explanations about all the different areas which we always wondered about were brilliant." -- Eric Migliorelli

"After reading your huge work last night I can only say this: Impressive !.. most impressive !!! Obi-wan has taught you well.. ;)" -- Nicolas (A fan from Paris)

"SPECTACULAR !!!! THANK YOU." -- Stephen Locke

"All I can say is WOW!!!. Thanks alot for sending me that link. I was truly impressed by your story, and your writing skills are superb. It honestly made me feel as though I was watching Episode III on the big screen. I am even more psyched to see the events on the big screen, in 2005. Thanks again, and MTFBWY too!!!" -- Edward

"I just wanted to drop you a line that I really enjoyed your story. My love for Star Wars I could see in your writing and I truly hope that Episode III will be as good.Have you tried to contact Mr. Lucas with your story idea? I hope you have and if not I would encourage you to do so. I, like yourself, have read most of the Star Wars books and your story was fantastic. Although not at all a writer myself, I do recognize a good story! Once again, your story was fantastic and thank you for taking the time in writing it. -- Todd Unzicker

"I have just been up all night reading Knightfall. I wanted to write and tell you that I was totally blown away! I was incredibly moved by your writing style. It was as if I was reading a full novel. I must say many of the elements that you delved into brought tears to my eyes. Hell, I openly was THAT GOOD. As I sat there enraptured by your take on what would surely make a better Episode 3 than I think even George himself could conjure up, I have to say that you answered a lot of questions that were hanging over the events here. You truly moved me to tears a bunch of times. I am still feeling emotional over Knightfall as I write this.Some highlights for me were: Beru's reaction to baby Luke; Jar Jar's (yes, JAR JAR'S!) reaction to Luke; Jar Jar's epilogue where he returns to the sacred place ... (I cried like a little girl and I'm a 34 year old man!); Vader's secret life from the Emperor; Obi-Wan's vow to Padme (Truthfully, I have always envisioned the EXACT SAME THING so I was MORE than moved by what your wrote there...); Yoda. Every single aspect of Yoda was so dead on that I pictured this committed to film. Hell, at times I actually felt like I was somehow privileged to be reading Lucas' own treatment for Ep 3 in advance!; The way you handled Mace's story was impeccable. Again I cannot praise your work enough! MAGNIFICENT STUFF! Much love to Melissa from me as well for inspiring you to write something this magnificent. Again, before I turn this e-mail into a novel, I want to say that you have truly made this Star Wars fan very happy indeed. I write too and just wanted to give you a perspective of my own on the wonderful piece of literature that you have thankfully shared with the world! May the force be with you...always" -- Richard J. Noble

Wow! Hi, Im Zach Bohannon and i am 12 years old. I love Star Wars and was searching the net and saw this novel and fan wrote titled Knightfall. So i printed it and tried it out. I finished it in 2 days and couldnt stop thinking about it so I shared it with my friends. THey all enjoyed it as well. In fact, I think everyone who read this story pretty much enjoyed it. Well, I was just writing to complement you on your great work. Keep it up, and whatever novels you write in the future , be sure to contact me, because I will read every last page!

"So many words to say, having read this over the last two hours, but leave it to say - Bravo! Thanks for a great tale. You created a realistic, imaginative tale w/ style twists and facets true to the original genre. Great job!" -- Feldrew, NJ

"I enjoyed it immensely! May the Force Be With You! :)" -- Jaime Restrepo St. Louis, MO

" Loved the story, way to go! Personally, I find this to be a VERY thrilling plot for Episode III. I loved the part about Dooku and Yoda on Dagobah - very slick indeed." -- John Cudd, Gaffney, SC

"Being an avid Star Wars fan I was blown away by your version of Episode III. The Death of Tyranius leading to the darkside cave / tree was a fantastic idea. The duel between Vader and Windu was fantastic, setting in the Council Chamber added a sense of irony. Thanks for a great read." -- Rob Wybrow

"I can't anything else that hasn't already been said. You really did a great job and made my day. I don't want to wish my life away, but May 16th isn't coming fast enough and neither is EPIII. I can't get enough of this story and how it really relates to good versus evil. Thanks for the story." -- Mike H, Tucson, AZ

"That was the greatest Star Wars Prequel I have EVER read! I would like to thank you for posting this story. Keep up the good work, and may the Force be with you!" -- Anonymous review from

"This is one of the best fan fics I've read in a while. Good job!! " -- Bruce Thompson, Tampa, FL.

"Wow!!!! This is really an awesome story. From what I've read of it so far, you have some pretty neat things happening. I just think it's interesting, and very enjoyable to read. Great job with this!" -- Prince Luke Skywalker, Ohio

"You better turn over that Holocron you got, 'cause only a JEDI MASTER could come up with this MASTERPIECE! I Absolutely LOVED the Story, your way of detailing every aspect of it is marvelous. I couldn't put it down once i started reading it! That's exactly the vision i have for EPIII If you find a way to send this work to George Lucas, please do!!!!!!!! Kudos to you my friend. May the Force Be With You Always!!!!! Send my best to Melissa! (She must really be Special to inspire a JEWEL like "Knightfall")" -- Charlie Bastidas

"Your Star Wars story was incredible.It even brought me close to tears when reading about Padme's sadness.Great story. Simply great. Thanks for writing it" -- Brian Fitch, Atlanta, GA.

"I find your work very impressive, by far the best concept for EP3 I've come across so far. It's well very balanced, dark (as it should be), and fits great into the flow and pace of the saga. I'm also glad you didn't pay attention to the fanboy cries for having every possible question answered, because I always found that this was one of the things that make Star Wars unique: the room for fantasy, the freedom to fill the gaps yourself. That's what kept it alive for all those years. As you've surely read, one guy in the forum said something like "If Lucas screws up ep3, we still have Knightfall".He's right. I don't know if the ep3 movie is going to be remotely like yous story, but I really hope so. Thanks for writing this, I'm sure it was as much fun as for me reading it." -- Marcus Schmitt

"The slave who become a Jedi, the Jedi Who become the Sith. I begin this mail with one of the sentences of your fanfic that I like 'cause, to my point of view, it contains the whole essence of Star wars. I should congratulate you since this history it is the better than I have read for a long time. You make reference to all and each one of the events that we all wait to see in the episode III, you connect from a very intelligent way to the characters and you develop each one of them very well. I should admit that I am follower of the Siths and to see as these they influence in a decisive way inside the plot I please myself a lot; Palpatine and his manipulations, Dooku and his longings of power, Anakin and his definitive fall the dark side, was phenomenal. On the other hand I should say that I also please myself the conflict of the Jedi, like they were exterminated in such a systematic way, the way in that Windu, Yoda and Kenobi made big efforts to recover that lost and not to extinguish completely. I like a lot the Padme's death, although is very sad her death, I find it very logical her blames feelings. I also congratulate you for the way in that you captured the birth of the Empire, I find that it is a very important moment inside the Star wars Universe. In short it is a perfect story... the end was the best, really, excellent. Send to Melissa my greetings and my gratefulness also for that according to your own words for her you wrote this vision of the episode III. This story will be in my small library of Star wars 'cause definitively is an approach to the movie to come in the 2005. Again I congratulate you for a brilliant work and I really hope you continue writing." -- Sergio Ortega

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